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Hazcon Push-Latch Twist-Release Button Switch Red

SKU # 78393611411 Manufacturer Series: HKH
Type: Push-Latch Twist-Release Button Switch
NEMA: 4,4X,13
Cap/​Lens Color: Red
Contact Mode: Maintained
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 3,4,4X,12,13

Twist or Key Release Switches, Non-Illuminated: Type - Push-Latch Twist-Release Button Switch; NEMA - 4,4X,13; Cap/Lens Color - Red; Contact Mode - Maintained; Enclosure Rating - NEMA 3,4,4X,12,13; Additional Information - Temperature Rating: -50 to 60 deg C; Manufacturer Series - Hazcon HKH

Additional Info: Temperature Rating: -50 to 60 deg C