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Relay, Solid State; 32V DC Control; 600V AC, 50A Load

SKU # 40008932093 Manufacturer Series: RM Series
Type: Solid State Relay
Voltage Rating - Control: 32V DC
Voltage Rating - Load: 600V AC
Current Rating - Load: 50A
Switching Function: Zero Cross
Mounting: Panel Mount
Terminals: Screw
Switching Method: Thyristor
Voltage Range - Control: 3 - 32V DC
Voltage Range - Load: 42-660V AC
Current Range - Load: 0.3-50A
Transient Overvoltage Max.: 1400V
Dielectric Strength: 4000V AC
Temperature Rating: -20 to 70 Degree C (-4 to 158 Degree F)
Dimensions - nominal: 1.13x1.76x2.29 in 29x45x58mm