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WEIDMUELLER #9915480001

AC Outlet, 5A120V Outlet, Din Rail, TS35 and TS32

SKU # 62683598210
RoHS Compliant
Outlet Type: Rail Mount Single Receptacle
Outlet Config: 5A120V
Installation: DIN Rail

This new DIN-rail mountable duplex receptacle makes adding a 120V maintenance AC outlet to control cabinets quick and easy. It mounts on standard 35mm DIN-rail and requires just 42mm of rail space. An LED indicates that 120V is applied to the module. The terminations accept slotted or Phillips screwdrivers. The mounting foot includes a latching lock � slide it open, mount the module on the DIN-rail and slide the lock closed.

Additional Info: Single Outlet with Circuit Breaker, Wire Size: 26 - 12 AWG, Terminal Torque: 0.5-0.6 Nm, Dimension: 2.76 in. L x 1.38 in. W x 2.30 in. H