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WEIDMUELLER #8937990000

Solid State Terminal Relay 0.05A 28VDC

SKU # 62683535539 Manufacturer Series: MICROOPTO
RoHS Compliant
Block Type: Solid State Terminal Relay
Voltage - Maximum Switching: 28.8VDC
Voltage - Operating: 28VDC
Amps: 0.05A
Contacts: Transistor
On Delay: 200ns
Off Delay: 400ns
AWG Range: 0.5-4 mm2
Contact Style: Screw Clamp
Model Type: MOS
Temperature Rating: -20 to 60 Degree C (-4 to 140 Degree F)
Block Width: 6.1mm

Terminal Blocks Sectional Relay Blocks: Block Type - Solid State Terminal Relay; Voltage - Maximum Switching - 28.8VDC; Voltage - Operating - 28VDC; Amps - 0.05A; Contacts - Transistor; On Delay - 200ns; Off Delay - 400ns; AWG Range - 0.5-4 mm2; Contact Style - Screw Clamp; Model Type - MOS; Temperature Rating - -20 deg C to 60 deg C; Block Width - 6.1 mm; Additional Information - Indicating: LED, Green; Manufacturer Series - MICROOPTO

Additional Info: Indicating: LED, Green