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Freedom Contactor, Non-reversing; Open; 3P; 12A; 24V 50/60Hz

SKU # 78211347260
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Coil Voltage: 24V 50/60Hz
Hp 1-Phase 115V: 0.5 Hp
Hp 1-Phase 230V: 2 Hp
Hp 3-Phase 200V: 3 HP
Hp 3-Phase 230V: 3 HP
Hp 3-Phase 460V: 7.5 HP
Hp 3-Phase 575V: 10 HP
Type: Non-Reversing Contactor
Construction Standard: I.E.C. 600V AC
Size: IEC Size C
UL Cont. Amps: 12A
Poles: 3P
Enclosure Type: Open

Contactors are most commonly used to switch motor loads in applications where running overcurrent protection is either not required or is provided separately. Contactors consist of a magnetically actuated switch which can be remotely operated by a pushbutton station or pilot device such as a proximity switch, limit switch, float switch, auxiliary contacts and so on.